3 seconds on the clock, 2 point lead, 47 yard FG attempt, on grass, with the wind for the Superbowl victory…

“Beer please, Beer please, Beer please, Beeer pleease, Beeer pleease, Beear pleaaese, Beeaer please, Beebr pleease, Beaer plase, Ber pase.”

Nick at Moose

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Watching Game Activities:


Specialized in watching the pig skin on Sunday. Includes Monday Morning Quarterbacking, drinking beer, and wings.


The winter special, Hockeyer is a hockey watching activity that includes explanations, and commentary. Possiblity to have beer and food. (no poutine)

Tag Along

Our dedicated game watching activity we tag along to watch any game you want. Conditions may apply.


3D is our live sports activity dedicated to watching games in person at the venu, activation on availability.

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Game Watching Basics, Buffalo Wings
3D ZWD55
Rangers Stanly Cup, Game 7, 1994, NYC
Game Watching Pub
Game Watching Pub, Moose Bar

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