Do Do Do Do, no Da.

Started in 1993 Z Trying hard has dedicated itself to achieving goals of all varieties. We go until we get there, rain, snow, or shine.

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

Thomas A. Edison

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Z Trying Hard Activities

Coffee Do

Brew it to do it, coffee special helps put the pep in your energy supply.

Record Breaker

The go so hard and fast that all of JaZoN’s records get broken.


Daily grind activity, hunker down and get it done. All of it… correctly.


Specially designed to find and exploit a fear of failure to push your working ethic to its full potential.

Investor Info

  Info as of : 15:52, Jun, 06
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 2161.68   +290.10   +14.39%

Full Investor Info
Dung Beetle
Can lift a 1000 times its weight
Honey Bees
Get the job done together.
Ford Assembly Line
Dedicated to forging a new way of production.
Got to build it before they will come.

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