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What we do...

On three 1 … 2 … 3 …!

Founded in 1980 at a Bruce Springsteen concert we’ve been smiling for a life time, come join the ride!

“Smile or your face will turn into a permeant frown!”

Helen Gray

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Smile Activities:

Say Cheese

The basic smile activity we’ll bring out the camera just to get you smiling, even if we don’t take a picture.

Random Smiler

Get infected with our own Random Smiler, give a target and we will random smile them until we see their shiny whites. .

Tickle Tickle

Coushy Coushy Coushy Cou… we’ll find your sweet spot and have that smile shining in no time.

Happy Happy

Based on the happy moments of life Happy Happy is our archival joy activity dedicated to letting the past put a smile on your face.

Investor Info

  Info as of : 15:14, Jul, 03
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 39.83  -4.43  -10.54%

Full Investor Info
Fishy Fishy (Happy Happy)
Happy Happy Niece
Cheese MoM
Random Smiler
Sport'o Rama, 2010, NY

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