Turning dusting into art.

Started in 1999 Zo Spotless Dust Destroyer Co. has been striking fear in the heart of dust’s for over 16 years. Specialized in destroying the dusty films of all kinds we make pollen, cob webs, and pollution feel the immanent terror of its final destruction, despite not being alive! We turn vacuuming into art.

“Wow it’s so much nicer when you do the vacuuming!”


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Dust Destroyer Activities:

Full Dust Destruction

We Come, We Find, We Destroy… the dust all over your dwelling. Using an industrial style vacuuming technic, your home will be as dust free as a micro chip factory.
DANGER: May suck up loose change!

Spotless Art X

Our specialized art dust destroying activity for art galleries, museums, and personal art collections. We will have your exhibition space dust free with no risk to your oeuvres thanks to our art educated vacuuming experts.

Dust Destroyer X

We bring our special dust destroyer home vacuum cleaner, our dusting death sticks, and paper towels with cleaning spray to put the spick and span in your home. Includes windows & mirrors.

Dust Death Ultra

Over a minimum 2 day period we seal your home allowing all the dust to settle, then throw away all your old furniture, vacuum the shit out each room to perfection, and allow space for you to redecorate a brand new dust free home.

Investor Info

  Info as of : 17:27, Nov, 15
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 18.38  -10.33  -43.87%

Full Investor Info
Z Vacuum, 2004, Paris
Spotless Art X Z1
Chez Ghislain, 2015
Dust Destroyer X Z3
Chez Pumpkin, Paris, 2015
JaZoN Ex. Dust Destroyer X Z1
JaZoN Ex., 2010,

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