The finely thought out intellect art.

Starting in 1997 Zo Intellectuel Media Corp. has been rigorously analyzing the comings and goings of life in order to intellectualize who, when, and why or not.

“I only know that I know nothing”


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Our Intellectual Activities:

Z Intellectualized

Our verbal activity explaining this, that, and the other thing for your intellect out loud.


The personal idea exploring activity looking at the ideas behind the theory. Cartésien or not.

Intello Art

Intellectualizing art works from the renaissance to today. No objects necessary.


Finding the essence of the idea between two minds by asking or telling.

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Intello Art, FL31
One and Three Chairs, 1965, Joseph Kosuth
Intello Art, JK22
4'33, John Cage, 1952
Art Intello RK3
Fluxus Boxes
Inspiration for Humanity's Intellect
Leonardo da Vinci

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