Sigh… the art of still being awake.

Started in 1988 Zo Insomnia is a dedicated no sleep company that won’t let the sand man bring you jack shit.

“Sleep comes more easily than it returns.”

Victor Hugo

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Sleep Stop Activities

Techno Ringer

Making the technology in all our lives, ring, ding, bing, and sing just 25 mins after falling asleep.


Our patented over thinker, deep thought, insomnia activity helping put unnecessary thoughts, and life replays in your head. To make sure you’ll never fall asleep.


Increase your caffein intake to ridiculous levels and live the eyes wide open life.

Naughty Neighbor

Party next door, and or a really loud freaky neighbor will wake you up, and keep you up ALL NIGHT LONG

Investor Info

  Info as of : 16:18, Nov, 01
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 94.38   +4.19   +4.54%

Full Investor Info
Caffeineator ZIS44
Carl, 2010, Paris
Techno Ringer ZIS9918
IPad, 2015, Paris
Questionner ZIS81
Paris, 2014,
Questionner ZI023
Paris, 2015,
Naughty Neighbor ZS888
Paris, 2014
Naughty Neighbor
Paris, 2015

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