Defiantly can fix that type of art.

What it's broken? We can fix it, or die trying, but hopefully fix it. With about 15 years experience, we’re proficient in all forms of home improvements.

“Merci! you saved me a lot of money!”

JaZoN’s Landlord

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Our Fix It Activities:

Wet’n Wild

Fixing the drip, changing the valve, Wet’n Wild is here to fix your minor plumbing problems.


Our very own specially dedicated wood working activity, carve it, finish it, saw it, we can do it.

Plastic Fantastic

Specialized in chemical applications, we caulk, cast, and mold using a variety of resins, cements, plasters, or silicons.


Instructions included, we come, we make, you profit. Don’t assemble with anyone else.

Investor Info

  Info as of : 16:21, Dec, 04
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 25.43   +0.44   +1.75%

Full Investor Info
Zo Handy Man Kit, 2015
Wet'n Wild, Paris, 2012
Wet'n Wild, Paris, 2011
Maker, VT, 2013

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