Fine art of Guilt.

An intrinsic project honed over many generations Z Guilt has been obsessing thoughts since 1985. Why did… Oh boy Shouldn’t… How come… we are specialized in jewish guilt passed from mother to child for many generations. We can feel guilty about everything!

“After everything I have done for you, this is how you repay me.”

JaZoN’s mom

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Our Guilty Activities:

Group Guilt

We offer special group guilt sessions dedicated to giving and getting guilt. Have a problem with someone and you want to guilt them into submission, Group Guilt is just the place!

Guilt Night

Night after night, no sleep for you. We can help you loose sleep by enhancing that guilty feeling about your day’s conversations, interactions, success, and all the rest on your mind. So you shall sleep no more…


Spilled the milk? Knocked over some else’s drink? Oupps is a dedicated guilt activity to feeling guilty about a physical action that you may have done on purpose or not. Let us emphasize you poor spacial judgment.

LaZy Man Special

Our do nothing , achieve nothing despite people counting you activity. Oh yeah, you should feel like shit you lazy bum.

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JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 21.38   +2.91   +14.60%

Full Investor Info
Can't Sleep RSZ3
Guilt Night, 2014, Paris
Group Guilt Z1
Group Guilt Session, 2013, NY
Can't Sleep RSZ3
Guilt Night 2, 2015, Paris
Spilt Milk Z2
OOops, 2010, NY

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