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Since 1981 Ze Sleeper has been doing nothing constructive while laying down or sitting up. We are the best in the sleeping market.


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Z Sleeper Activities:

Rockabye Z

Our basic bed sleeper activity. Draw the blinds, brush your teeth, crawl into bed, and drift away to la la land.

Power Nap +

Designed for the high intensity, hard working, ultra occupied person, our power nap + is the ultimate in power sleeping.

Motion Sleeper

Moving by plane, train, and automobile we are dedicated to falling asleep and arriving at the destination in no time.

TV Special

Let the technological age put you to sleep with a variety of screens, and tailor made programing sure to bore you to bed.

Investor Info

  Info as of : 14:15, Nov, 10
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 8.29   +2.30   +32.21%

Full Investor Info
Power Nap + S5,
Paris, 2005
Motion Sleeper S27
I95, 2003
Power Nap + SZ23
Neuftel, 2010
Rockabye Z S44
Paris 75018, 2013

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