Ahe could have been better.

Specialized in things that really get under the skin, should have been better, were poorly thought out, and just bad since 1996.

“Well it is great Michelin gave them 3 stars, but it was so dark I couldn’t see the food, and the door kept opening and closing.”

JaZoN’s grandma

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Complaining Activities


Never up to the task the ultimate snob based cultural complaining activity.


The almost good enough activity that was alright but could have been a bit better.

Z Complainer

Chose the hard way than complain about it being hard activity. Applicable to full life spectrum of events.

New Yorker

The everyone else is an asshole complaining activity. You’re obviously making it worse.

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  Info as of : 17:28, Nov, 07
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 59.13   +3.85   +6.73%

Full Investor Info
Jewish Z59JW
Grandma, 2000, NY
Parisian ZPP8823
MÉTRO Fun, 2015, Paris
Z Complainer CZ8023
Newark, 2011, NJ
Cold Restaurant, 2015,
Parisien PPZ817
Rain Again, Paris, 2014
Z Complainer ZZL9979[]
Waiting in line Again, 2015

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