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The Art running company

Started in 2006 to help augment sexiness J Running Transports has been going far and long really fast come rain, snow or sweet sunshine. Come run with us and feel the sweet pain!

“Everywhere I went, I WAS RUNNING!”

Forest Gump

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Our Running Activities:

Need For Speed

Our speed training activity designed to find your top speed. Can be applied to swimming.

Go’in the Distance

Destine for distance runners train with us to finish that long run in no time. Can be applied to swimming.

Brainstorm Run

Fun run style! Run together, contemplate together, find that golden idea while covering a couple miles of thought.

Be Our Bitch

Feel the pain… We push you too hard, so your limits die a horrible death! Can be applied to swimming.

Investor Info

  Info as of : 19:24, Apr, 21
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 596.00  -63.52  -10.12%

Full Investor Info
Brainstrom GB1
Parc George Brassens, Brainstorm
Go’in the Distance PZ2
Quai Seine, Paris
Need For Speed
Parc Andre Citroen, 2009, Paris
Be Our Bitch Z2
Vermont 2014, VT

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