Draw boy… draw it all!

Passionate about scribbling, hatching, layering, inking, and not giving a shit about the coloring book’s lines since the age of 1 & a half. If it exists we can draw it. Especially if it invokes nudity!!

“Are you sure you are looking enough? You should look harder.”

Mr. Potter, JaZoN’s freshmen drawing teacher

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Art Drawing With Style


Bright, Vibrant, Alive Color focuses on form as defined by light in living color.


Using any and all of Drawing Z Ind. technics we can draw you or anyone else down to each eye lash.

Silver Point

Specialized in using metals to achieve your drawing needs. Can be both figurative and or Technical.


Drawn directly into the computer with a digital pen Digital responds to most contemporary illustration needs. With a strong emphases on communication.

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JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 209.71   +4.22   +2.03%

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Silver Point, 2010, Paris
Debt Slinger
Silver Point on Wood, 2011, Paris
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Gold leaf, Silver Point, 2010, Paris
Death Z Bond
Gold leaf, Silver Point, 2014, Paris

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