Loving a lady Art.

Started in 6th grade (but really kindergartend) we’re the JaZoN Ex’s most loyal lover company.

“We could walk forever walking on the moon, We could be together walking on the moon “

The Police

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Boy Friend Z Activities:


Our patented lover activity for a special lady, conditions apply
(currently out of stock)

Ace of Spades

The Ending it all activity, crying like a little boy who just lost his candy.
(currently out of stock)

Z Club

The full team of 2 confrontation activity, working with a special lady to take on the world.
(currently out of stock)

Dimonds are Forever

The forever boy friend activity...
(Currently out of stock)

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  Info as of : 14:02, Jul, 01
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 20.48   +3.54   +18.92%

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He HE He Ha Ha Hahaha
L's Favorite
Paris, 2015
Dust Destroyer X Z3
Chez P$&&!i@, Paris, 2015
Vacation Time
Malta, 2016,

Boy Friend Z is currently out of stock sorry!

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