Pedal Pedal Pedal Art.

With over 2 decades of R&D behind it Biking Z has become a lean, mean, city biking machine. We get from point A to B and back again… yeah.

“Never use your face as a brake pad.”

Jake Watson

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Biking Z Activities

BMX Plus

Wheelies, Bunny Hops, and bar spins, BMX plus is all about goofing off on a BMX. Injuries Included.


JaZoN’s 100% guaranteed bike messenger Activite, he’ll have you document/package anywhere in Paris in 30 mins or less, red light be damned.


Why hike down when you can ride down. VTT is our special cross country mountain bike Activite, dedicated to biking off the beaten path.

Free Rider

Cruising the streets for the love of riding and transport, join JaZoN on a bike trip to nowhere… Or wherever you’re going!

Investor Info

  Info as of : 18:04, Nov, 13
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 170.03   +5.00   +2.98%

Full Investor Info
Free Rider Z341
Messenger Z74
Champs Z1, 2013, Paris

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