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An ambitious project started in 1985 JaZoN Writing Tech. has been trying to get good marks, while not making spelling errors since day one. Ready to explore all types of texts without limits. We can write down every kind of idea!!

“I think he may be a bit slower than the other children.”

Mrs. Lee, JaZoN’s 3rd grade teacher

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Writing Stuff Down Activities:

Z Copy/

Jotting down news, advertisements, TV commercials, and the like for all your distinguished visual propaganda.

Texter / Tweeter

Who needs more than a hundred forty characters to say: ”I just had mac & cheese for Din Din. ”


Forget the art of letter writing. It’s the 21st century! We can happily take care of your email needs whether business, personal, or spam so you don’t have too.

Zo Comments

Almost ten years of experience commenting on the internets Good, Bad, and Ugly… Let us troll, critique, or praise your internet comment needs.

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Sample of letter to dad.
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