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Begun in 1985 JaZoN Goof Off Media has been being stupid, on purpose, for more than 30 years. Why the hell not!

“Fuck I broke my collar bone. Now I can’t play golf!”

AJ, JaZoN’s childhood friend.

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Custom Goof Off Activities:

Bad Idea

Our you could probably only do that once or might end up dead or in jail consulting activity.

Fuck It

Sick of socially acceptable, Fuck it is for you! Break ridiculous social taboos with our patented Fuck it activity.


All artistic production activity, doing is all the fun.


WTF is our patented “what the fuck” are you doing activity. Want to wonder what the hell is wrong with them? We can help!

Investor Info

  Info as of : 13:20, Nov, 03
JaZoN Ex. Share Value :  € 5.93  -0.23  -3.80%

Full Investor Info
Smart John Deere
WTF Z1, NY, 2007
Jewish Cowboy
WTF Z1, NY, 2007
John Deere Wipeout
WTF Z1, NY, 2007

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